My Preggo Style

preggo fo sho T-Shirt

One of the things that I’ve been looking forward to the most about getting pregnant again is the maternity clothes.

That might sound bat shit crazy. Who in their right mind wants to wander around in mumus and or badly fitting maternity jeans that fall down when you stand up and dig in when you sit down? Who wants to be limited to one tiny dark corner of a shop where they have about 3 things and two of those have “Big Mutha” written on them in glitter?

Bat Shit Crazy Me. That’s who.

You see…. I used to be quite a large lady. I was a UK size 20/22 through my previous pregnancies. I had a BMI of 35+. If you think the selection of maternity clothes is generally bad, you should check out the maternity options for the plus size lady.

I fantasised about sexy Isabella Oliver numbers, of the chic collection that Mamas & Papas did. I made lists of the things I liked at Boden and Vertbaudet and I fell into a fit of depression when I realised they didn’t stock my size. I couldn’t even get a swimming suit in my size. I rotated 3 or 4 outfits through my pregnancies. The only real break I got was wearing my wedding dress and that wasn’t so much Angelina Jolie pregnant with twins glamour as hippo wrapped in silk with a nice up-do.

There were a few people who didn’t even realise I was pregnant just weeks before my daughter was born (including the “psychic” who I’ve blogged about before).

After my youngest was born I started at Weight Watchers and over the course of about a year and a quarter I shed a shocking 7 stone in weight (98lbs). Okay admittedly I have regained about 14 pounds of that, but I am a much happier UK size 12 now and I am looking forward immensely to rocking the preggo look. I’ve been thinking about what my preggo style is going to be and have decided I am going with leggings, funky tunics, chunky knits and boots. I am going to fake my glow if necessary with a bucket load of Clarins and Benefit cosmetics. This may well be the last time I go down the maternity path and I want to look back on the photos without cringing. It saddens me that I have virtually no bump pics from my three children because I was too busy hiding from the camera.

So I’m going to glow damnit and swan about

because I know from experience that after the baby is born I’ll spend at least two months in pyjamas covered in a fine patina of baby sick.

I can’t WAIT to start shopping.

OPK as HPT Progression & Clear Blue Digital Tests

Thought I would post this for anyone who is interested. I haven’t had an over abundance of pregnancy tests in the house but I do have left over OPKs. I did one on Thursday night, Friday morning, Saturday morning and today (so 12 dpo to 15)

It’s nice to see them getting darker. Short and sweet post here but I find the whole OPK as HPT thing quite interesting!

UPDATE: I have to add this picture as well as it made me do a little happy dance

I don’t know if this is true but I did read somewhere that the conception indicator works like this

1-2 weeks – hcg level of 50-200 (96.5% accurate – the accuracy rating comes from Clear Blue’s own literature so I know that bit at least is true)

2-3 weeks – hcg level of 200-2000 (76.1% accurate)

3+ weeks – hcg level of 2000+ (96.9% accurate)

It’s also worth nothing that above 3 weeks the accuracy level can drop a lot (don’t have a specific figure about that). This is because of the Hook Effect. Basically the hcg levels can be so high that they overwhelm the test and it gives weird results. Some people testing with a regular HPT may find that they get a very faint line, or even a negative, but if they use a more dilute sample they will get a strong line again.

And to round this bit on CB Digis off here is a picture of the strips from the test after I broke it open (which you’re really not supposed to do).

The top is a low sensitivity strip and the bottom is a high sensitivity strip. I have broken a few digitals open in my time and while they might not always have lines this dark they have absolutely ALWAYS had 2 lines on the top strip and one on the bottom (kind of wish I had taken pictures before). So…. cracking open a digital is not a reliable way to determine whether or not you actually have a BFP and the digi processor just isn’t picking it up. has a great section on this.

Green Around the Gills

I had planned not to break the news to any of a family members for a long time. I have this little fantasy see, I’ll be about 12 weeks at Christmas, so in my fantasy I’ve had a scan before then and when we have everyone around for Christmas day I’ll pull out my scan picture and say “Look what the husband got me for Christmas!”

Life decided to derail that plan today. I went out with my mum this morning to go get some wool (yes I’m still knitting – badly). It was all going fine until she turned a corner, the car lurched and so did my stomach. I had to get her stop so I could get out, breathe deeply and try very hard not to hurl all over the pavement. I then spent the rest of the morning trying not to hurl in the car, at the wool shop, in the supermarket, in the butchers, in my own kitchen etc. I feel SO sick, just constant background nausea, which is helped by eating for around 5 minutes before it starts up again.

On the one hand I’m quite pleased, as it’s a sign of good strong hormone levels, but on the other hand, I thought it might be a few weeks yet before this started up. Still, it’s only day 1 so right now I’ll try to be grateful for it.

So I had to confess all to my mum and she is delighted for us, which is lovely, and at least I still have the rest of my family and the in-laws to break the news to, so maybe I canĀ fulfill my little fantasy yet.

And then some more….

My eldest daughter is off school today for her midterm break. During the week the mum of one of her classmates texted me to ask if her son to come over as both she and her husband were working. He’s a nice kid and I was happy to have a bit of distraction for my eldest, anything beats the pre-teen eye rolling and hearing “I’m bored!” on a loop.

But that wasn’t quite enough to satisfy her, and after the OPKs this morning well I was frankly looking for an excuse to go in to town. So I gathered the kids up and deposited my eldest and her friend into the local cinema to watch the new Tintin movie while I made a little side trip to local branch of Superdrug.

So I’d gone as far as to buy a test.

How could I possibly resist using it?

This is what is technically known as a Big Fecking Positive (that’s the Irish term for it).

Oh my god! I cannot believe it! I am SO thrilled, and scared, and thrilled, and slightly nauseous, and hankering for another bacon sandwich, and nauseous again. I am feeling very positive, this is much darker than any of the tests that I got last time round.

So next week it’s off to the doctor to confirm it with them and keep my fingers crossed that they’ll send me for an early scan. I didn’t get to 15 DPO before testing, but I think 13 dpo showed an iron will for me.


I cheated a little

If you are a hardcore ttc-er you are without doubt familiar with the website

It’s a veritable mine of useful information regarding all things pregnancy test related. with tables of test sensitivity by brand, explanations of why you can’t reuse a test, why digital tests all have 2 lines (if you break them open), why you shouldn’t break tests open, the dangers of allowing your OPK and HPT to touch and, of course, using an OPK as a HPT.

See it turns out that the only thing differentiating lutinising hormone and human chorionic gonadotrophin is a beta subunit (basically a secondary protein structure) found on the end of the hcg molecule. It’s this subunit that a HPT is specific for (and why a pregnancy blood test is referred to as a “beta” or “beta hcg” count). An OPK doesn’t differentiate between the two so it will detect either LH or HCG, so theoretically you can use it as a pregnancy test. It’s worth noting though that OPKs are not as sensitive as HPTs so you’d likely get a positive on a HPT before you would on an OPK AND there is no way to know which hormone it is being detected.

Bearing all that in mind….

I may have pee’d on some OPKs. Technically that’s not breaking my promise not to take a pregnancy test before Sunday. Ooooo I wonder what this means?