The spotting stopped on Saturday and, so far, it hasn’t returned. My temperature seems to be falling though, so while I’m cautiously optimistic that I may have a normal length luteal phase, I’m not holding out much hope that I’ve managed to get pregnant this month.

I know, I know, 9 DPO is awfully early to be drawing that conclusion. I did do a test this morning and it was a BFN, well I thought maybe I saw something, so I wasted a First Response Early Result and that was definitely BFN. I’d be more optimistic if my chart was doing that lovely triphasic thing that people talk about. More than anything I feel it in my gut, that certain knowledge that it’s just not happening yet.

I can deal with that. I’ve been patient(ish) this last year waiting for a shot to try so I suppose I can be a bit more patient again.

And in the meantime I’ll be obsessively POAS just for the entertainment value.


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