PMA = Mixed Success

It was probably within about half an hour of posting yesterday that the spotting started up again and it got quite heavy, so heavy in fact that I thought it was starting to tip from spotting into period territory. With a sinking heart I took myself to the shop to buy emergency ladies’ supplies (Always & chocolate). I was fairly certain that was it, it was game over at 5 DPO.

Then it stopped again.

Then my temperature rose again this morning.

Then the spotting started again.

Then it stopped.

I have to say it’s making a trip to the bathroom quite the fraught and nerve wrecking adventure.

For now at least it seems to have stopped again. Trust my body to make things complicated.

I found out a friend of mine is pregnant today too. I am delighted for her, but just a little bit jealous for myself.

But I guess it ain’t never till it’s over, so it’s back to one day at a time…

le sigh.


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