The Monday Morning Pee Stick

 It would just super to say that this is a pregnancy test and it’s my BFP, but it’s not. It’s an ovulation test and I can’t make up my made whether it’s a big fat anything.

Are you confused following this blog? because I’m confused as hell trying to work out what’s going on with my body.

You see on the one hand my temperature had appeared to have risen (they fell again this morning but that’s a whole other story) and that would have suggested that maybe I might have ovulated.  But as I’ve said before I’ve seen this a dozen times and I put no stock in it. It’ll take a baby or a period before I believe it.

So while I was looking at my temps and wondering if my ovaries had woken up I was continuing on with my measures to try and wake them up.This meant taking the cocktail of supplements I posted about last week, including the “natural clomid” Soy Isoflavones. The way my chart has gone over the weekend I think it’s unlikely that I have ovulated but this little test above is giving me just a tiny bit of hope that maybe the soy isoflavones have done their job and maybe I’m going to ovulate. It’s probably a good thing that just by coincidence my hubby has this week booked off work.

You know one day I look forward to posting and saying something definitive, these ifs and buts and maybes are a real pain in the ass.


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