Adventures in Pee Sticks Part 2

Well in the spirit of scientific investigation I got more of the pound shop tests. I dipped one in a sample of first morning urine (yes, it’s gross that I kept a sample), another 1 in a sample of second morning urine, and I then got my best friend to do a test and (because I’m fairly certain he’s not pregnant) my husband to do a test.



The result is my two tests (the ones on the bottom) both have lines, though the second morning urine one is very faint. The other two have one line, so we can conclude that neither my husband or a best friend are pregnant.

But am I???

I swiftly ran (that’s a lie, I drove, well I was passenger in a car) to what is really not the closest store to me to buy more tests.

45 minutes later I picked up 2 more sets of pound shop tests, 2 clearblue digitals, 2 first response tests, 2 predictor tests and 2 asda own brand and 2 tesco own brand tests.

I did the tesco test – bfn.

The asda test – bfn.

The different brand of pound shop – I think BFN, there’s maybe a very faint line there

Same pound shop test as the others – BFP, but quite faint.

I honestly don’t know what to think.



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