Not Feeling Very Positive

I forgot what an emotional roller coaster this is. Yesterday I had a really positive day. I was just convinced that I had ovulated and I was going to end up pregnant, today I feel the exact opposite. It is so hard to not let that feeling take over. I’ve been moody all weekend, short tempered and spending far too much time googling ridiculous things. I keep looking at my chart and thinking it’s going to be a repeat of last summer.

Today Fertility Friend didn’t take away my cross-hairs but it did move them forward a couple of days. I’m fairly certain that I didn’t ovulated on the new date they’ve given me. I did have a huge temperature dip that day but I’m putting it down to getting very little sleep that night as my youngest decided that 3.30 was a good time to wake up 4 am was a good time to get out of bed and look for some breakfast. Or maybe I just don’t want that to be the case because that puts me outside the realm of possibility for getting knocked up if I did.

I need to learn some patience. This could take a very long time and I can’t spend my emotional energy like this day after day.

Tomorrow morning I have my reflexology session. I hope she can tell me something positive.


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