I got cross-hairs!

I am trying, and failing, not to be stupidly excited at the moment. As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve resurrected my old Fertility Friend account. To the uninitiated this  an online service where you can record your basal body temperature and all manner of bajingo related information. It then enables you in all manner of obsessive, neurotic tendencies and allows you to share your burgeoning mental illness (by way of a pregnancy test addiction) with like-minded people. Well that’s my experience of it, I don’t wish to offend any other users, I am speaking strictly about myself with all of the above.

If you are very lucky, after days and days of entering temperature information and a myriad of other fun (yet slightly gross) facts about yourself into your chart, lovely little cross-hairs appear and declare you have probably ovulated. It then gives you a date approximately 3 years in the future (okay, it only feels that way) when you can take a pregnancy test. I will speak for others now when I say that (I’d bet) NO ONE lasts until their suggested testing date. Well maybe some people do, with wills of steel, but those kind of people scare me a little.

This morning I got my very own super-lovely set of cross hairs and the proclamation that I am 3 DPO (probably).

I am very excited.

But I probably shouldn’t be. See I had this last Summer. I had a number of occasions where Fertility Friend would decide I’d ovulated and then maybe a week or more later would take a look at my wacky temps and failure to materialise either a period or a positive pregnancy test and it would take them away again. I am now going to have to face the next few mornings with a certain sense of dread as I internally plead with my thermometer to give me a reading above 36.1°C, because it’s too late to plead with my body to release an egg last Tuesday. I want to be in the 2 week wait so badly.

My best friend does have some wonderful words of wisdom when it comes to the pregnancy guessing game “either you are or you aren’t, and you’ll know which one it is eventually.” Sage advice indeed, but it’s all too easy (and admittedly a bit fun) to get carried away.

Stick cross-hairs, stick.



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