I’ll lay it on the line and say that I’m a skeptic. I think homoeopathy and reiki and the like are balls, but I am a believer in reflexology. During my last pregnancy I had symphysis pubis dysfunction, that’s SPD to you. When you are pregnant the hormone relaxin (possibly the most appropriately named hormone ever) has the job of softening up the ligaments in your pelvis to make it marginally easier to pass 7+ pounds of infant out, but sometimes it does it’s job a little too well which results in the ligaments beginning to separate and many many hours of saying “ouch!!!!”, shuffling and occasionally crying. It was only after my daughter was born that I actually began to appreciate just how disabled SPD had made me. It was a revelation and a joy to be able to walk without pain.

It wasn’t all bad though. I managed to get a couple of days of relief after reflexology sessions. I didn’t go to those sessions for the SPD, I went to try and get myself geared up for labour but it did miraculous things for my pelvis, so I’m a believer.

It was only yesterday that it occurred to me that I know someone who is trained in reflexology AND that she is trained in fertility reflexology. I called her up and I’ve made myself an appointment to go next week and see if she can prod my big toe to it wakes up my ovaries.

I’m continuing with charting. I’m not sure how reliable my temping is though. I actually think having the thermometer at the side of the bed makes me sleep worse. I wake up a couple of times per night and shove it in my mouth before I even realise that it’s actually only 2 in the morning, or 3 or 4. I’m the same way the day before I have anything important to do in the morning, I wake up every hour because I’m terrified of missing it or sleeping in.  So much for being relaxed.

I’m having some positive signs that may be pointing towards ovulation. I suppose I’ll know within a few days depending on what my (probably unreliable temperature does). Fingers crossed I have something good to report.


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