A Positive Chat with my Doctor

I had a nice little chat with my doctor on Friday about this trying to conceive (TTC) lark. She is of the opinion that I stand a very good chance of ovulating before my first postpartum period because I’ve been breastfeeding for so long, apparently I’m unlikely to get a “warning period.” Her advice was to keep on taking folic acid and throw all notions of contraception out the window. She did raise the issue of my weight loss though, and said maybe it could be delaying my fertility coming back. I’m not remotely underweight and I haven’t been on a crash diet. I have a very healthy BMI of 22 (possibly a little bit higher considering the weekend of gluttony I’ve just had celebrating my wedding anniversary, and I intend to compound the problem with a mountain of popcorn later today when we go see Harry Potter) but I used to have a much higher BMI (35, yikes) and I’ve lost over 90lbs in the last year. I’ve been maintaining since April so I’m hoping between that and night weaning things are beginning to settle down. As I left she said I hope next time I see you it’s because you’re coming back with a nice positive pregnancy test.

It was so nice to have a conversation with someone where they didn’t raise their eyebrows and ask if I was crazy. I finally got my hands on some B6 as well, the B12 won’t be wasted either as I’ve read that it’s good for men to take so I’m palming that off on husband.

I’m feeling pretty positive. I know that it could still be months away but I feel like I’m taking control in some small way.

Hopefully I’ve have something more interesting to report soon.


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